#TestIt, Send It, and Save Lives

#TestIt, Send It, and Save Lives

Ah, #TestItTuesday has been good to us, to you, and to our community. However, all good things come to an end and we are especially excited to announce we will be transitioning from our classic #TestItTuesday posts to #TestIt Alerts!

While #TestItTuesday played an important role in increasing awareness regarding drug checking within our community, we at DanceSafe believe we can do better. We can cover more ground. We can be more timely. We can reduce more harm!

As of today, October 24, 2017, DanceSafe will be publishing #TestIt Alerts which will occur on a rolling basis as opposed to only once a week so that important health and safety information may be distributed as soon as possible.

#TestIt Alerts will come in two different forms. As before, we will continue to alert the public of highly adulterated and misrepresented substances published on Ecstasydata.org. Additionally, we will be expanding our alerts to include community member submitted reagent drug checking results.

If you don’t have a drug checking kit, you can purchase one here.

This change comes from community inspiration. We are SO proud of Tipper & Friends (Nocturnal Edition) and Imagine Music Festival attendees for looking out for their fellow community members this festival season and alerting us to misrepresented substances at their respective locations resulting in early alerts. This type of community engagement allows you to help us help you!

Early alert submissions can be made via Wickr to dancesafe and will remain confidential. Submissions should include a picture of the tested substance (if possible), a picture of the final reagent drug checking results, and the answers to the following questions:

  1. What was the substance sold as?
  2. What does the substance look like?
  3. Where was the substance sourced (i.e city, music festival, internet, etc.)?
  4. What were the observed color reactions for each drug checking reagent used?
  5. What did the substance test as?

5738_lgFor example, if someone submitted an early alert for the substance to the left, they would send a picture of the press pill, a picture of the final drug checking results, and the following answers:

  1. The substance was sold as MDMA.
  2. The substance is a speckled brown round tablet with Louis Vuitton-style marking.
  3. The substance was sourced in Lafayette, Louisiana.
  4. The observed color reactions were light orange on Marquis, very slight color change of yellow-brown on Mecke, and no reaction on Mandelin.
  5. The results for the substance were inconclusive.

Please note that a submission to DanceSafe does not guarantee a #TestIt Alert will be made for the submission.

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