New Testing Kits Now Available!

We are proud to announce the release of three new reagent testing kits! Froehde and Liebermann are advanced kits to help identify some of the newer substances being misrepresented as MDMA. Ehrlich's reagent is for testing LSD to make sure it isn't 25i-NBOMe. We spent the better part of a year researching and developing these kits, including testing them on known, GCMS-verified drug samples at the laboratory.

Let’s Be Sensible About MDMA

Abstinence-only and fear-based "education" is as ineffective at preventing drug use as it is at preventing teen pregnancy, but unfortunately it is the only thing that most students hear. Evidence-based education like Safety First and Just Say Know programs teach young people how to stay safe if they are going to use drugs including alcohol and to identify warning signs of an overdose. Students are disabused of ideas that kill, such as the myth that someone suffering alcohol poisoning should sleep it off. They are trained in the real physical and psychological effects of drugs including alcohol and educated about...

The Real Tragedy of the Wesleyan ‘Overdose’ Incident

We hope for the quick recovery of all the students involved, and believe this incident underscores the failure of current US drug policy. Prohibition and the consequent lack of honest drug education and harm reduction services makes "Molly" or "Ecstasy" use far more dangerous that it needs to be. Whether these students actually overdosed on MDMA, suffered heat stroke in a crowded, hot venue, or ended up accidentally consuming a different, more dangerous drug (which seems most likely, as reports indicate the many of the victims were in different locations, and were vomiting and suffering hallucinations), truthful drug education on...

Why are Ecstasy Pills so Strong at the Moment?

UK journalist Mike Power has the inside scoop on why ecstasy pills in Europe and the UK are so strong these days. Produced by a mysterious group in the Netherlands known as Partyflock or Q-dance crew, these pills are now starting to show up in the US. But be careful! Containing super high doses of MDMA (up to 278mg, more than double a standard dose), these pills can be dangerous. As Power says, "if you have these pills, do them in halves, or quarters."

We Could Have Prevented Those PMMA Deaths in the UK with Drug Checking

Out of all the harm reduction interventions out there – access to water, drug education, chill spaces, to name a few – drug checking is the scariest for people to contemplate. But it’s also the one that's going to make the most impact when it comes to people making smarter, more informed choices about their drug use. It’s also the one with the biggest chance of saving people’s lives.

New Police “Anti-Molly” Video Gets It Partially Right, Partially Wrong

A new video by the Toronto police, Cooking with Molly (embedded below), correctly points out that most of what is sold as "Ecstasy" or "Molly" actually contains other, often more dangerous drugs. This is a step in the right direction in terms of harm reduction and drug education. However, there's still much to criticize about this video, one that Detective Chris Scherk hopes will "resonate with youth and young adults."

How Safe Are My Drugs? New BBC Documentary Highlights Drug Checking

Check out this new BBC documentary. If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, we have set the video to start playing at a key section in the middle, featuring Professor Fiona Measham and her drug checking program at UK nightclubs. Just watch a few minutes from there. Harm reduction appears to be gaining momentum around the world!

‘They destroy lives’: UK Drug Policy Slammed After Four (Fake) Ecstasy Deaths

Four men have died after taking ‘superman’ ecstasy tablets, believed to have been made with a high concentration of the dangerous substance PMMA. Critics, however, blame the deaths on the government’s strict drugs policy. In the wake of the recent deaths, Dr David Nutt, sacked as the government’s senior drug adviser in 2009 for opposing stricter laws governing cannabis use, has again blamed the government’s stringent drugs policy.

The Superman Pill Deaths are the Result of Our Illogical Drugs Policy

The past week has seen a number of drug disasters in the UK, one of which is the unexpected deaths of three men, two from Ipswich and one from Telford. They all appear to have taken a drug called PMA (phenoxymethylamphetamine). We presume that they did not know this was what was in the pills bearing the Superman logo that they bought – it seems likely they thought it was ecstasy (MDMA).