#TestIt Alert: More N-Ethylpentylone showing up in NY Area, This Time as Red Bull Tablet

A red rectangular Red Bull tablet sourced in Long Island, NY was expected to be MDMA but tested as N-Ethylpentylone (also known as ephylone and βk-EPDB), a cathinone of the phenethylamine class that produces some of the same effects as MDMA, but is significantly stronger and substantially riskier. 'Red|Buli' appears on the reverse side of the tablet, which is scored.

#TestIt Alert Issued for Electric Forest

Bunk Police have had multiple positive tests for fentanyl-laced cocaine at Weekend 2 of Electric Forest, taking place now. It appears that the positive tests have come from “coke in clear baggies of varying sizes,” and that “there is a bulk of the product being sold [at Electric Forest].”

#TestIt Alert issued for New York, NY & Ventura, CA

A capsule containing a tan, crystalline substance sold as MDMA was sourced from Ventura, CA but submitted from New York, NY. This sample tested as Methylone, a synthetic cathinone. According to the EcstasyData.org, the Marquis reagent turned yellow, the Mecke reacted a yellow/orange color, and Mandelin turned orange.

DanceSafe To Host #WeLoveConsent Show Featuring Ana Sia, Digital Ethos, Huxley Anne, Space Jesus, Yheti, And Zen Selekta

In light of the recent whirlwind of discussion regarding consent and sexual abuse within the electronic music community, DanceSafe and the above-named artists have teamed up to throw #WeLoveConsent at the Magic Stick in Detroit on Saturday, March 31, 2018 to gather support for a consent movement rooted in awareness and education. The special event takes the name of DanceSafe’s new program, which seeks to help dismantle rape culture and build a consent culture within the electronic music and nightlife communities. Before the show, all artists, venue staff, and members from artists’ management and agency teams will participate in bystander...

#TestIt Alert Issued for St. Paul, MN

#TestIt Alert Issued for St. Paul, MN Two pressed tablets sourced from St. Paul, Minnesota were sold as MDMA but did not test as such. The first pill is a white and light blue round, domed lightning bolt tablet (pictured left). The pill tested as caffeine and methamphetamine. The sender notes that the tablet “failed reagent testing.” According to ecstasydata.org, the tablet turned orange with the Marquis reagent, there was a ‘very slight change’ to yellow on Mecke, and no reaction with Mandelin. The second pill is a round, light peach-colored smiley tablet (pictured right). The tablet tested similarly as the...

No One Tried to Dump Tons of 25I-NBOMe in LA’s Water Supply

We find it necessary to address this recent article that has been floating around the internet claiming that “[a] former employee of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has been arrested this week after allegedly attempting to poison the city’s water supply with a potentially dangerous synthetic hallucinogen.” The article, which went viral enough to warrant its own reddit thread, was originally published on World News Daily Report, a website that at first glance appears to be another online tabloid, but which is really a satire site. At the bottom of each page on the website, it...