Avicii Hospitalizations Underscore Heatstroke Risk

Avicii Hospitalizations Underscore Heatstroke Risk
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  1. FreakyFrank

    To all promoters/event organizers too scared to guarantee safety at your event(s);

    Dancesafe is making headway into becoming an educational unit which supports harm reduction, rather than a legal justification for supporting drug use. Although, DanceSafe is a positive step towards legally securing the safety of promoters, venue owners, and its patrons, there is one major missing element from the industry.

    WE cannot guarantee harm reduction without a proper ratio of immediately accessible paramedics, medical equipment, and ambulances stationed within large scale events. Each event needs to designate an area for medical stations, as well as, clear channels of communication to alert paramedic(s). Each medical station must be fully stocked with water (especially in the summer) and proper beds to examine and reduce harm caused by heat stroke, anxiety, dehydration, etc…
    Securing necessary steps to reduce harm does not promote drug use, especially during summer. Again, having measures in place to prevent harm caused by heat stroke, hydration, nutrition, hearing protection, etc… do not incriminate promoters, managers, venues, or anyone else in violating, The Reducing Americans’ Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act (RAVE ACT), or The Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act of 2003.

    In layman terms;

    Dancing in heat cause heat stroke or dehydration…not ecstacy!
    Dancing to hardstyle causes twisted ankles…not GHB.
    Being surrounded by many different colorful people dancing to loud music with strobing light shows cause anxiety, ringing in ears, and double vision…not illegal drugs.
    Dancing on prescribed medication cause overdoses….not just illegal drugs!

    Anyone accused of promoting drug use by having these measures in place need to reiterate the above terms.

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