Become a Testing Kit Reseller


Become a Testing Kit Reseller

Help save lives by reselling DanceSafe testing kits! When you buy 30 or more kits you can get them for half price ($10 each). You can then resell them in your store, to your friends, or at events. Resellers also receive a set of display signs. These 8″x10″, glossy card stock signs are ideal to display through glass windows, on display cases, or on table tops (see images below).

You Have a Lot of Kits. Which Ones Should I get?

We recommend starting off by selling Marquis, Simons and Ehrlich. Marquis and Simons are a necessary combination for identifying MDMA in a sample of ecstasy or molly, and Ehrlich’s is the only LSD test currently on the market. Mecke is a variant of Marquis, and Mandelin is most useful for testing ketamine. Liebermann, Froehde and Folin are more advanced kits. See the display sign at the bottom of this page for more detailed descriptions of what each kit does, and also check out the color chart on our instructions page.

What Do I Need to Do?

The reseller discount is automatically added to your shopping cart upon check-out when you purchase 30 or more kits, so really there’s nothing you need to do except go here and make a purchase. All orders of 30 or more kits automatically receive two of each of the display signs. If you want more signs, if you have any questions, or if you simply prefer to order by phone, please call our wholesale manager at (888) 636-2411 – extension 17. You can also email customerservice [at] We pride ourselves in fast, responsive service for our resellers.

Our Display Signs