DanceSafe at TomorrowWorld 2014!

DanceSafe at TomorrowWorld 2014!

We’re excited to announce that DanceSafe has once again been invited to be a part of TomorrowWorld in Georgia, one of the largest EDM events in the world! We understand the importance of drug education and harm reduction and the imperative roles they play in keeping our community safe.  Last year we distributed over $10,000 in harm reduction necessities! Including:

  • 16,000 fact-based drug information cards!
  • 4,000 condoms!
  • 30 full bottles of sunscreen!
  • 15,000 pairs of disposable earplugs!

While we are not able to have drug checking available onsite, you can come prepared with your own testing kit for you and your friends- just visit our STORE. Purchasing a testing kit helps support our outreach efforts and helps you and your friends stay safer, if you choose to use. If you don’t choose to use, but want to help support DanceSafe’s outreach efforts at TomorrowWorld 2014, you can donate HERE! Thank you for your continued support and see you in the hills!

You can donate TODAY!


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  1. Joshua

    It was cool meeting you guys at Tomorrowworld, I was really bummed they didn’t allow you to sell the testing kits though.

  2. Amber Burgner

    I was reminiscing on my memories of TomorrowWorld today. Your set up was a huge highlight of my weekend. You all inspired me to become apart of DanceSafe!

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