DanceSafe Launches NEW “Visionaries” Program

DanceSafe Launches NEW “Visionaries” Program

Have you always wanted to get involved with DanceSafe? Well here is your chance! We are launching a new, three-tier community engagement model which will make getting involved in DanceSafe easier than ever. We’re excited to announce the launch of the Visionaries, DanceSafe’s official promotion and support team. The Visionaries Program is the next generation of DanceSafe’s 15 year mission to improve the health and safety of the electronic music community.


DanceSafe Visionaries will have the opportunity to get involved in pushing the harm reduction movement forward, both online and within the electronic music community. This will involve a whole host of activities, from simply changing your Facebook cover and profile photos to custom, artist made DanceSafe-related images, to writing support pieces on blogs to physically posting DanceSafe informational literature at events. In return, Visionaries will receive FREE DanceSafe swag and merchandise.


By becoming a part of Visionaries, you will have the opportunity to DanceSafe’s NEW “Party Proper” Volunteer Training Program which will enable you to staff booths at events, and this is a pathway to starting your own chapter.


Regardless of whether or not you have submitted a volunteer/start a chapter inquiry in the past, If you are interested in joining the DanceSafe Visionaries Program, please fill out our updated volunteer form now at the link below:


For more information please email Activities will begin on October 1, 2014 and Party Proper training will launch in 2015! We hope you decide to join the team!


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  1. Zach Gressrr

    Hey! I’ve wanted to get involved with Dance Safe ever since I started visiting the booths at parties when I was like 14, now I’m 21 and I’ve developed a much stronger appreciation for the necessity of safety in the dancing and edm related community. I would absolutely love to get involved in any way possible, and as soon as possible I really hope to start volunteering at tge booths, I’ve got a few years of experience with test kits and have always been psychonautical and value research and education very highly, I would really love to help people stay safer, so yeah, please send an email my way 🙂

  2. Jillian

    I would love to be a part of keeping the edm community safe while enjoying events and parties. I have been a part of the scene since edm was techno and “fluffies” were only worn by paid dancers 😉 I have also used test kits to keep myself and loved ones safe. If I could help only one more person, I would be satisfied in knowing I have paid it forward.

  3. Tyler

    awesome man and just FYI as of now we are not able to actually do testing out of the booths at most or all of the festivals in the U.S. but hopefully sooner then later we will be able to use our reagent kits right at the booth at all festivals and shows. Thanks for showing interest in helping spread our information the bigger we grow and more accepted we become the safer and more fun we all will have at festivals and shows. We as a community can bring the most awerness and spread the most accurate info to all of our fellow festival and show goers. This will bring the community together and make everyone’s experience a great one everytime!!!!

  4. Kristin Hargett

    I still haven’t received the email containing the orientation or point opportunities. I did receive an invitation to Eliademy but saw nothing specific to dancesafe. I just wanna make sure I’m on top of things since I’m so excited to start helping

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