DanceSafe Launches Online Training Program

DanceSafe Launches Online Training Program

Recently, we launched our DanceSafe Training Program which allows us to train new volunteers at a distance – in the US or abroad – via online courses.

We are excited to report that the big news just got BIGGER!

As of today, the DanceSafe Training Program is being open to the public! That’s right. If you are interested in becoming a DanceSafe Volunteer and joining a local chapter or starting your own, you can get started right now by enrolling in Module 1: How to Become a DanceSafe Volunteer at

Potential volunteers can look forward to learning about topics such as the principles of harm reduction, acting as a peer educator, performing reagent drug checking, appropriate messaging surrounding health topics, and more. After completing the online training, individuals will be connected with a current DanceSafe Chapter or have the opportunity to be part of a new chapter to provide harm reduction services at music festivals and other nightlife events.

Successful candidates for the program are interested in the electronic music or nightlife communities. Future DanceSafers should also come with a nonjudgmental attitude, a willingness to learn, and a desire to give back to the community that has given so much to many others.

That said, we are excited to roll out this new program and improve and expand on prior efforts to increase the reach of our services. Previously, individuals that were interested in getting involved in the organization were required to join the DanceSafe Visionaries Program. The DanceSafe Visionaries Program was initially launched to decrease the barrier to entry into our organization. Prior to the implementation of the program, the only way to get involved was knowing someone within the organization or running into DanceSafe at the event.

We are proud to say that the DanceSafe Training Program has officially eliminated the barrier to entry. Thus, we have decided to remove the DanceSafe Visionaries Program as a prerequisite to training and open enrollment in the DanceSafe Training Program to the public.

If you find yourself wondering, “What does this mean for the DanceSafe Visionaries Program?” We already have an answer for you. The DanceSafe Visionaries Program will be temporarily pulled offline and restructured into our online support and promotion team. When the DanceSafe Visionaries Program is relaunched, participants will be responsible for spreading the message of DanceSafe online through their networks. DanceSafe Visionaries will be leaders within the community and play a vital role in improving the health and safety of their peers. Additional details will be available when the program is relaunched. If, after this brief description, you wish to be notified of the launch of the new DanceSafe Visionaries Program, send an email with the subject line “Interested in New DanceSafe Visionaries Program” to

Finally, stay tuned for more updates. 2017 is going to be a HUGE year for DanceSafe.

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