DanceSafe Relaunches Visionaries Program

DanceSafe Relaunches Visionaries Program

As of today, DanceSafe has relaunched its Visionaries Program with new incentives and more flexible ways to participate.

DanceSafe Visionaries are the official support and promotion team of DanceSafe. Participants are harm reduction enthusiasts who use their voices within their online networks to break down the stigma faced by people in the electronic music and nightlife communities. DanceSafe Visionaries educate their peers and spread the DanceSafe message by sharing information and content on their social media pages and other internet platforms such as Reddit, Tumblr, and personal blogs.

The Visionaries Program offers participants a flexible way to get involved with DanceSafe. Each month, DanceSafe Visionaries complete tasks by sharing DanceSafe content within their online networks for the chance to win a DanceSafe Visionaries Package including a 4-panel drug checking kit and Erlich’s reagent among other items such as EarAngels earplugs, pins, and t-shirts as they become available.

Successful Visionaries are people who are interested in the electronic music and/or nightlife communities. People interested in becoming DanceSafe Visionaries should have a nonjudgmental attitude, a willingness to learn, and a desire to give back to the electronic and nightlife communities.

To learn more about the program, check out the DanceSafe Visionaries Manual.

Interested in joining the program? Click here.

Please note: DanceSafe Visionaries are different than DanceSafe Volunteers. If you wish to become a DanceSafe Volunteer and provide harm reduction services at events within the electronic music and nightlife communities, you should start here.

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