Double Your Money, Double Your Impact

Double Your Money, Double Your Impact

DanceSafe is ending the year with a bang! Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, all donations made until the end of the year will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000!


That’s a lot of money! So here’s what we plan on doing with it:

Half of the donations received will go towards a fund to purchase a Bruker Alpha Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy machine (“Alpha”). This device, identical to the one used by The Loop in the UK, allows for the confirmatory analysis of thousands of New Psychoactive Substances. With the Alpha, DanceSafe could travel to events and provide a level of specificity in identifying substances that is unmatched by any other mobile technology.

This means participants could receive a break-down of the substances contained in a sample, giving people a near-complete picture of what they acquired before intending to ingest. The Alpha used in conjunction with reagent testing gives participants accurate and vital information for them to make healthy lifestyle choices. The Alpha, with the full data-set that is needed, plus associated maintenance costs will run DanceSafe approximately $48,000.

The other half of money raised in this end-of-year campaign will go towards the 2018 outreach season. In addition to performing on-site testing, DanceSafe gives away hundreds of thousands of condoms, earplugs, pieces of unbiased drug literature, and other free health education supplies. This requires a huge amount of financial support.

To donate with a credit card or with bitcoin, you can go to If you wish to donate any other crypto-currency, you can contact us at

By donating now, you’ll be doubling your donation, and helping DanceSafe provide vital harm reduction services. With your support, we can extend our reach to even more communities than ever. As always, we deeply appreciate you!


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