Mysteryland 2015

Mysteryland 2015
May 22, 2015 – May 25, 2015 all-day
Bethal Woods
Mysteryland 2015 @ Bethal Woods

From the promoter: Each year, Mysteryland sets up camp on beautiful grounds around the globe – from the lush green fields of Holland to the mountainous town of Picarquín, Chile. Our next stop is the home of the legendary ’69 Woodstock – Bethel Woods, New York. Since 1994, we have hosted a multisensory festival that draws creative, electronic-music-loving tastemakers from around the world. We take pride in throwing a memorable party by bringing both internationally renowned and kick ass up-and-coming artists to multiple stages. We truly look forward to providing you and your friends with a culturally immersive and engaging experience at the second edition of Mysteryland USA in Bethel Woods! Although we do appreciate an amazing party (obviously, right?), Mysteryland is based on a strong philosophy. We call this philosophy our Festival Footprint. It’s highly important to us that we organize our festival in a sustainable way by relying on local participation and interaction. Our rapt attention is on the surroundings and community – as well as sustainable projects – during and after the festival. Be friendly to nature, be friendly to the people around you – it was part of the mantra of ‘69 Woodstock and this permeates into the ideology of our Festival Footprint. In the past years we have made great progress in the realm of greening our event and are proud of our Industry Green certification – which we received for our sustainable efforts and involvement to date. This certification was specially developed by Julie’s Bicycle, an organization devoted to helping large events become more sustainable. It behooves us to mention the “peace, love, music” concept of Woodstock since that too is an integral part of who we are. Peace, love, and music are interwoven components at Mysteryland and we believe in giving artists of different backgrounds an opportunity to express themselves. In an effort to support the growth of the music community, we not only bring a wide variety of talent to our stages, but also artists and creative outlets from around the world to help each other evolve further. Enough about us – you can also make a big impact! Together we can enhance the world’s beauty. See you at Bethel Woods! Today Is A Gift.

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