July 11th #TestItTuesday Alert: Unknown Homer Simpson Tablet Tests as 2C-B

July 11th #TestItTuesday Alert: Unknown Homer Simpson Tablet Tests as 2C-B

#TestItTuesday Alert!

DOH! A light green Homer Simpson pill that could easily be mistaken as a MDMA tablet tested as a 2C-B press. It is unknown what the pill was marketed and sold as, and the source of the tablet is also unknown. The pill was submitted in Bern, Switzerland last month. Always keep your eyes peeled for similar substances to enter the market in your area, as the black market is global and interconnected.

Although 2C-B is a sought-after substance, it has different effects and is active at much lower doses than MDMA. If you are anticipating an MDMA experience but do not test before you ingest, you may be surprised and unprepared for an experience like 2C-B which is much more psychedelic than MDMA. A common dose for MDMA is between 75-125 mg, while 2C-B is active at 2-5 mg, with a strong dose between 25-50 mg. It is important to always know what you are ingesting so that set, setting, dosing, and potential redosing can be appropriate for the experience.

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