MDMA and Your Liver: Knowing This Could Save Your Life

MDMA and Your Liver: Knowing This Could Save Your Life
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  1. Jess

    I’ve taken MDMA in the past, but I’ve never had anyone to compare my experiences to. How would I know if I’ve been experiencing much stronger effects than other people? When I’ve taken it, it doesn’t feel like it’s too much but I think that’s a poor way of judging whether the effects that I had were stronger than normal or not.

  2. Tyler Lawhead

    This death was not caused by drug use – it was caused by an unfortunate unknown disease that became apparent while mdma was taken. When drugs are used responsibly and the person actually has thorough knowledge of what they are putting into their own bodies, drugs can create profound experiences and significantly help the individual without side effects.In this case, you cant blame MDMA, you can blame the disease and the lack of understanding by the individual. if someone eats a cheeseburger and had a heart attack because he/she has heart disease, you dont go and say that all cheeseburgers and all types of food are bad because they HAVE THE POTENTIAL ABILITY to cause harm if used incorrectly, just like every other product out there. MDMA has already been proven to have beneficial medicines qualities as well as being a recreational tool. Condolences go out to the family of the victim.

  3. Post author

    Yes it is very difficult to assess, particularly with so much methylone out there. Many people think they’ve taken MDMA many times and they have only ever taken methylone.

  4. E-popper

    Does this mean you should be taking more than 20-25mg and less than the usual 110-120mg or so if you are a ”poor metabolizer”? I have a friend who has been trying to roll a few times but he can only feel the come up at a dose of 130mg (yes tested and bought from Amsterdam), nothing else. Is it safe to consume more?

  5. Laura

    This summer, I went to a event and took MDMA. Just a little, cause I was very nervous. It didn’t really hit me during the night .. but I got a big headache and had trouble sleeping the week after. I was wondering if the fact that I already took some, means that my liver can metabolize it ? I’d like to give it another shot but like I said it makes me nervous and I want to take precautions before I do it again.

  6. Post author

    How do you know it was actually MDMA? And how much did you take? And whatever it was, why would you want to do it again if it gave you a headache and insomnia for a week?

  7. Marcus

    I have ADHD, and took Concerta and Adderall when I was younger, and I’ve heard that MDMA is a very similar drug, is there a way to tell based on my experience with those prescriptions how molly will affect me?

  8. Post author

    MDMA is not similar to those drugs at all. MDMA is a serotonin releaser, the only drug of it’s kind available. And there’s really no way to know how MDMA will affect you beforehand. As always, be careful!

  9. Marcus

    Ahh, I just heard that MDMA is similar to Meth, and a drug similar to meth is used for ADHD and sort of combined them.

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