Mind, Body, Beats

Mind, Body, Beats

DanceSafe has launched a campaign on Teespring to raise awareness and money for our cause! Rep DanceSafe and scoop up a T-shirt for $22.00 or a Hoodie for $38.00 via Teespring. You can also help to support DanceSafe by SHARING this campaign with your friends!

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public health organization, DanceSafe’s mission is to promote health and safety within the electronic music community. In the U.S., DanceSafe is one of a kind. Since 1998, DanceSafe has been the only national nonprofit providing honest, fact-based drug information and outreach services to young people at raves, clubs, and music festivals.

The organization has two fundamental operating principles: harm reduction and peer-based education. Combining these two principles has enabled the organization to create successful, peer-based educational programs to reduce drug misuse and empower young people to make healthy, informed lifestyle choices.

DanceSafe neither condones nor condemns drug use. Rather, they provide a non-judgmental perspective to help support people who use drugs in making informed decisions about their health and safety. DanceSafe volunteers staff harm reduction booths at music festivals, raves, nightclubs, and other electronic dance music (EDM) events to ensure positive experiences.

Current programs and initiatives aim to:

– Provide safe spaces to engage in conversations about health, drug use, and personal safety;

– Provide free water and electrolytes to prevent dehydration and heatstroke;

– Provide free safe sex tools to avoid unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STIs;

– Provide free ear plugs to prevent hearing loss;

– Provide honest, fact-based, unbiased information on drug effects and potential harms to empower users to make informed decisions;

– Offer a nonjudgmental first-point of contact to risky or challenging situations;

– Offer drug checking services to prevent drug-related deaths; and

– Work with promoters and local stakeholders to advocate for safety first approaches.

Over the past few years, the need for our services has increased drastically, and we have doubled our number of outreach events. We are expanding our reach and developing NEW education and outreach efforts! Please support and share this campaign!

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