New Testing Kits Now Available!

New Testing Kits Now Available!

We are proud to announce the release of three new reagent testing kits! Froehde and Liebermann are advanced kits to help identify some of the newer substances being misrepresented as MDMA. Ehrlich’s reagent is for testing LSD to make sure it isn’t 25i-NBOMe. We spent the better part of a year researching and developing these kits, including testing them on known, GCMS-verified drug samples at the laboratory.

We have also updated our color chart to include some of the most common drugs sold on the MDMA market, and have categorized them according to drug classes. Most importantly are the cathinones or “bath salts,” which have flooded the MDMA market in recent years. If you choose to consume any particular drug you discover in your sample, be careful and make sure you know the safety profile and proper dosage for that drug. (See for more information.) Also, just because a drug is listed on the chart does not mean it is a “good” drug or “safe” drug. All drug use contains risks.

Order before December 31st, 2015 and receive 20% off–just use the code ‘holiday’ at check out!


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