COVID-19 Impact Survey

As global markets are disrupted from the COVID-19 pandemic, the availability, quality, and desirability of various substances are being impacted on a daily basis. In order to understand these impacts, the input of people who buy and use drugs is essential! We’re relying on you to help researchers understand how COVID is changing drugs and drug use as we know them. Without the valuable contributions of people who use drugs, scientists can only speculate as to the current conditions of the unregulated market.

At DanceSafe, we have teamed up with CSU Long Beach to release a survey that evaluates patterns of drug purchasing and use in the age of COVID. All survey respondents can enter to win a FREE 8-panel DanceSafe reagent test kit and fentanyl strips! 

We can’t stress this enough: the information that we know about drugs is largely based on data provided by the folks on the ground. As an organization founded upon principles of providing factual and unbiased education, our mission relies on dedicated harm reductionists who share their knowledge. Can we count you in?