CT Nelson’s First Signed Blotter – Viral Death Match


Limited edition signed blotter by CT Nelson. Blotter Art is 100% legal. Contains no LSD. This is a collector’s item. Only 100 of these have been produced. FREE SHIPPING

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The incredible CT Nelson has graciously allowed us to produce his first ever signed blotter. This Limited Edition and signed blotter was only produced in a run of 100, and they are individually signed and numbered. 100% of the proceeds of this sale go directly to DanceSafe!

Blotter Art is one of Underground America’s most important (and misunderstood) forms of folk art! Blotter Art started out as the artwork that drug dealers used to drop liquid LSD onto so they may easily sell the drug. After some time, art lovers began to understand the value of this art form and collected and preserved the unsaturated artwork. Since then, Blotter Art has become the “eclectic” choice in art.

The original collector and scene maker of Blotter Art is Mark McCloud, a San Francisco artist and former art professor. His collection started over 30 years ago. Today he has over 400 framed prints and thousands of unframed sheets, constituting the largest collection of Blotter Art in the world. In 1987, during a 20th Anniversary celebration of the Summer of Love, the San Francisco County Fair gave McCloud a ribbon for his “unusual but timely” exhibition. Interest in Blotter Art has spread virally and many artists have adopted Blotter Art as a legitimate medium.

Blotter Art is 100% legal. Blotter Art is ART!

However, LSD is illegal, therefore there is no LSD present on these signed and numbered art prints. Please keep it that way!

900 8mm squares, total size of 7.5 x 7.5 inches.

This is sure to be a centerpiece of any art collection!

Nelson’s new works are expressions of the natural dynamism of the universe in which we are immersed. Everything around us is constantly in motion and undergoes innumerable changes over time. Nelson’s amazing skills allow him to catch that universal energy and fix it on his canvases while maintaining its powerful dynamic qualities. In Nelson’s new paintings, the wild waves of stormy seas mix with the eternal flames of the artist’s inner metaphysical world. His emotive brushmarks appear to go from smooth and watery to choppy and expressionistic in the blink of an eye, creating that sense of perpetual motion which gives the exhibition its title.

Nelson’s work is not to be defined as abstract. “I don’t consciously base my work on anything, so how could it be abstracting?” explains the artist. Elements as opposite as cosmic matter and oil paint coexist in Nelson’s newest works, revealing never-before-explored meanings, landscapes, and patterns. As the artist elaborates, “I love to balance bright vibrant colors with the strange non-objective flows and goes; sometimes using impasto to create the enhanced illusion of depth. The term I have come up with is Non-Objective Realism – the feeling of something real yet far away from reality.”

Check out CT Nelson’s website and Facebook page for more of his amazing art!