New Fentanyl Test Strips – Single Strip

A single fentanyl test strip on a gradient background, next to the pouch it comes in.

New Fentanyl Test Strips – Single Strip


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Our new, improved fentanyl test strips can quickly and reliably detect fentanyl and most of its known analogs in a drug sample. Unlike other strips on the market, they do not produce false positives with meth, MDMA, or cocaine.

Comes with one free instruction sheet and requires the use of either a milligram scale or a 10 mg micro scoop.

CAUTION: Not all fentanyl test strips work the same. DanceSafe fentanyl test strips have been laboratory-assessed to work for harm reduction purposes, as opposed to just urine testing. Learn more.

WHOLESALE: If you are a retail store, online reseller, or social service agency distributing strips for free, register here for wholesale pricing. For questions, please email us at or call 888-636-2411 x 2.

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