Reddit AMA: Festivals, Harm Reduction and Know Your Rights

Reddit AMA: Festivals, Harm Reduction and Know Your Rights

DanceSafe Executive Director Missi Wooldridge will join Festheads and The Festival Lawyer for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit this Friday, March 7th at 4PM.

DanceSafe’s mission is to promote health and safety within the nightlife, rave, and electronic music communities by using harm reduction and popular education as guiding principles. Since 1998, the organization has set up at electronic music events and music festivals to provide a panel of unbiased drug information; resources and information on safe sex, free condoms, and lube; information on heatstroke, taking breaks, and nutrition; a hydration station with free water and information on water consumption and electrolytes; and other health needs such as basic first aid, tampons and sunblock. They are also responsible for implementing drug checking [adulterant screening/test kits] in North America.

The Festival Lawyer is a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, who combines his love of music and his love for the law to give you legal and practical advice that will make you a safer, more responsible festival-goer. As a contributing columnist for the Bay Area music website,, this former drummer, DJ and avid festival-goer, practices his philosophy of Education, Empowerment and Positivity.

Festheads is an online destination for music fans who want to discover, compare and share their music festival experiences. Their website has a comprehensive database of more than 600 of the top music festivals in North America providing fans with a tool to search and discover festivals based on their location, music tastes, dates and more.

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