Sounds for Support – Announcing the #WeLoveConsent Sample Pack!

Sounds for Support – Announcing the #WeLoveConsent Sample Pack!

By: DanceSafe Staff

You can now support #WeLoveConsent by purchasing some sick sounds! PartyWave has teamed up with us to drop his new #WeLoveConsent Sample Pack. All proceeds, as well as donations, will go towards the official launch of our #WeLoveConsent program! Purchase and/or donate here.

This is an amazing example of what it means for artists to prioritize the health and safety of their fans and get involved in our community. After all, if we truly wish to help dismantle rape culture and build a consent culture, we need all hands on deck: artists, promoters, venues, and fans! We are delighted to be joined by PartyWave as we work towards #WeLoveConsent’s mission and to make our communities a safe place for us all to gather, connect, transcend, and radically express ourselves.

The goals of the program are to raise awareness of rape culture and consent culture as its replacement, and to reduce the incidence of sexual violence in nightlife settings. As part of #WeLoveConsent, we will be using our platform to create and share more resources online and at our booths regarding affirmative consent such as blogs, literature cards, posters, and developing #WeLoveConsent courses and workshops to educate different segments of our community on rape culture, consent, bystander intervention training, and how to support survivors!

“It’s important to me to lead with other artists in this positive movement our community needs,” states Corey McCarley, who is PartyWave. “I’m grateful that I can utilize my platform and brand to help support a movement that I feel is a major step in the right direction for all of dance culture, and to spread awareness that consent is mandatory, and that we must all respect one another.”

“I highly encourage more artists, fans, promoters, and other stakeholders to stand up for what is right and be the voice that we all need to support consent culture,” McCarley continues. “It feels good to be a part of that change.”

DanceSafe will be launching its #WeLoveConsent program this month, so stay tuned for more details about how you can get involved and show support, too!

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