#TestIt Alert issued for Salt Lake City, UT

A clear capsule containing a white, crystalline substance sold as Molly/MDMA was sourced from West Valley, UT, but submitted from Salt Lake City. This sample tested as N-Ethylpentylone, a substituted cathinone. Little is known about N-Ethylpentylone and its effects, as its physiological and toxicological actions have not been characterized.

#TestIt Alert issued for New York, NY & Ventura, CA

A capsule containing a tan, crystalline substance sold as MDMA was sourced from Ventura, CA but submitted from New York, NY. This sample tested as Methylone, a synthetic cathinone. According to the EcstasyData.org, the Marquis reagent turned yellow, the Mecke reacted a yellow/orange color, and Mandelin turned orange.

#TestIt Alert issued for Boynton Beach, FL

A white colored ‘Watson’ pill sold as Percocet (Oxycodone and acetaminophen) was submitted from Boynton Beach, FL but tested as U-47700 (nicknamed “U4,” “pink,” or “pinky”), a highly potent synthetic opioid that is about 7.5 times the potency of morphine.

Second #TestIt Alert This Week Issued for Chicago, IL

An peach colored “Pink Bartok” tablet with was submitted from Chicago, IL. This sample was sold as Ecstasy/MDMA, but did not test as such. It was found to contain 3 (active) parts Methylsulfonylmethane (an organic sulfur-containing compound that is often take as a joint health supplement), 2 (active) parts caffeine, and 1 (active) part methamphetamine.