#TestIt Alert: Light pink Superman tablet sold in San Antonio, TX as MDMA but actually contains caffeine and methamphetamine

#TestIt Alert: Light pink Superman tablet sold in San Antonio, TX as MDMA but actually contains caffeine and methamphetamine

By: Rachel Clark, DanceSafe Contractor

A light pink Superman logo-shaped tablet with a score line on the back was sold in San Antonio, TX as MDMA but actually contains 2 parts caffeine and 1 part methamphetamine. The sample was both sourced and sold in San Antonio, TX. 

The sample turned orange to brown in the presence of the Marquis reagent, yellow with the Mecke reagent, and yellow-green with the Mandelin reagent. 

MDMA, while a stimulant by nature, does not have drastic stimulating effects on the central nervous system in the same way that caffeine and methamphetamine do. The combination of caffeine and methamphetamine may induce uncomfortable or dangerously high levels of stimulation; additionally, while some elements of the methamphetamine high emulate that of MDMA (sociability, euphoria, etc.), methamphetamine is a far more neurotoxic compound than MDMA that carries a much higher risk of addiction and dependence. 

Individuals with high blood pressure or other cardiovascular conditions may be at very high risk of hypertensive crisis or heart problems from this combination of substances. 

If ingesting a pressed pill with a score line on the back, the best risk reduction practices include taking only half of the pill (broken along the score line), informing others of the substance that you are taking, and using a test kit whenever possible. Caffeine and methamphetamine are very common adulterants of MDMA – untested pressed pills should be regarded as likely to contain these substances. 

We urge our community to keep in mind that drug markets are expansive and that this adulterated MDMA pill may appear in places other than its source and submission location. Using a reagent test kit can help provide a first line of defense as a presumptive (and not affirmative) process. Additionally, samples may be sent in to www.ecstasydata.org for in-depth laboratory testing. Test before you ingest to avoid taking misrepresented substances, and so you can adjust your intention, set, and setting appropriately to minimize risks. You can purchase your DanceSafe test kit here.

The purpose of #TestIt Alerts is to alert the public to misrepresented substances circulating in their region. We neither condemn nor condone drug use, but rather want people to be aware of what they are ingesting so they can take steps to minimize risks.

Since 1998, DanceSafe has been keeping the electronic music and nightlife communities safe. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we provide free harm reduction services at music festivals and nightlife events across the nation. All proceeds from the sales of our drug checking kits go back into the organization so we can continue to provide our services to our communities for free. By purchasing a kit, you are not only helping keep you and your friends safe, you are also contributing to the harm reduction movement. Thank you for your support!

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