#TestIt Alert: Naphthalene (moth balls) sold as MDMA in ‘East Canada’

#TestIt Alert: Naphthalene (moth balls) sold as MDMA in ‘East Canada’

By: DanceSafe staff

7067_lgAccording to an ecstasydata.org submission, a brown, crystalline powder sourced as MDMA in “East Canada” tested as Naphthalene, a chemical used in insecticides, surface active agents and resins, and as a dye intermediate, synthetic tanning agent, and moth balls. Acute (short term) exposure to naphthalene by inhalation, ingestion, and dermal contact is associated with hemolytic anemia, damage to the liver, and neurological damage.

Sender notes state: “Not sure why it smells so bad.” Naphthalene has a strong, mothball smell described as pungent, sickly-sweet odor. While there may be a faint chemical smell to MDMA, it should not have a distinct, strong, or pungent odor. Reagent results from the lab indicate that Naphthalene reacted grey-green with both Marquis and Mecke, and brown with Mandelin.

While it is unfortunate that there is no city or province identified for the submission or source of the substance, drug markets are expansive and this counterfeit MDMA may appear in other geographic regions in Canada and the US. Always test before you ingest to avoid ingesting misrepresented or counterfeit substances. Purchase your DanceSafe drug checking kit here.

The purpose of #TestIt Alerts is to alert the public to misrepresented substances circulating in their region. We neither condemn nor condone drug use, but rather want people to be aware of what they are ingesting so they can take steps to minimize risks.

Since 1998, DanceSafe has been keeping the electronic music and nightlife communities safe. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we provide free harm reduction services at music festivals and nightlife events across the nation. All proceeds from the sales of our drug checking kits go back into the organization so we can continue to provide our services to our communities for free. By purchasing a kit, you are not only helping keep you and your friends safe, you are also contributing to the harm reduction movement. Thank you for your support!

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