You Cannot Identify a Substance by Sight and Smell Alone

You Cannot Identify a Substance by Sight and Smell Alone

Contrary to what some may have you believe, you can never identify a substance by sight or smell alone!

Substances on the black market come in a variety of colors, consistencies, smells, and tastes, and therefore there is no safe or accurate way to determine what something is by merely looking, tasting, or smelling it. Something like MDMA, for example, can come in many different hues ranging from clear to brown, and can be crystals, ground up into a fine powder, or pressed into a tablet and sold as an ecstasy pill. The only way to truly identify something as an MDMA-like substance is to test it (note that while testing reagents can help identify a substance, they cannot determine purity or potency).

Something that comes in liquid form is even harder to identify, as most liquid substances, including LSD and GHB, are clear and odorless. As we mentioned before, it is important to test your LSD for presence of indoles. If there is no reaction on the Ehrlich’s reagent, it may be 25I-NBOME.

Because of the unregulated nature of the black market, there is no consistency in the drugs that are being sold. There are countless variables affecting appearance, smell, and taste, including how the drug was manufactured, stored, transported, and/or “cut” as it works its way through the distribution chain.

Inform your peers who think they can identify a substance by sight or smell that there is no accurate way to do so. This is true no matter how trustworthy the source is considered. Always test before you ingest. Purchase a drug checking kit here.

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