Join The Untz and DanceSafe!

Join The Untz and DanceSafe!
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  1. Rochelle Richbart

    Hi there! I was trying to see how I could get involved and also how we (or I) could start a chapter in Boston. As Im sure you heard, 86 people were treated for multiple issues at the Avicii concert at the TD Garden in Boston this past week, and last summer we lost a 19 year old girl at a Zedd show. The media of course blames all of this on “Molly” never looking at any of the other potential causes. I feel especially in a town where a lot of people are under 30, and with dozens of colleges in the area, a Dance Safe Boston would be amazing for those who need/want information without being reprimanded or looked down upon for just wanting to have fun and be safe.

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