Sinaloa Cartel Claims Rainbow Fentanyl is Harm Reduction

Although we do not agree with DEA claims that rainbow fentanyl is an attempt to target US children, the claims made here by Sinaloa cartel operatives that they are trying to prevent deaths by making it more difficult to adulterate non-opioid drugs is clearly disingenuous. Just because your powdered drugs are white does not mean they are free from fentanyl or its analogs.

Fear, Loathing, and Fentanyl Misinformation

We know that fentanyl does not pose a risk through accidental skin contact or proximity. It does not readily absorb through the skin, and even under the most intentional conditions cannot absorb in any rapid time frame. It also does not aerosolize or enter into the air to be inhaled or otherwise ingested. The only way fentanyl can cause overdoses is if it is injected, snorted, or otherwise ingested.

Context Clues: Fentanyl in Mushrooms?

An emergency text went out at Electric Forest 2022 claiming that fentanyl-laced mushrooms were causing ODs. We break down different ways to read articles like this to determine the validity of their claims, while pointing out red flags that indicate where information might be getting inflated.