Testing Kit Instructions

Testing Kit Instructions
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  1. Jon Ralphio

    Will you eventually have/sell kits that can differentiate between the new research chems that are popping up? Stuff like 5-MAPB that supposedly still pops black even though it isn’t MDMA/MDE/MDA?

  2. Post author

    We are always researching new reagents that might be able to distinguish various new drugs. The future, however, may lie in portable, affordable spectrometry. The technology is getting better and better all the time. We think one day reagents may no longer be necessary. 5-10 years maybe?

  3. Post author

    That is a requirement of the Postal Service. It’s vermiculite, to absorb the sulfuric acid if it happens to break during transit.

  4. Post author

    A year is likely too long, unless you kept it in a refrigerator the whole time.

  5. Kevin

    What if you want to test a sample that has been cut with multiple substances. Will the test kit default to the color of the most abundant substance, ie. if sample has MDMA and methylone what color would it turn?

  6. Post author

    Depending on how well mixed the MDMA and methylone are, you might be able to see yellow and black side by side (with Marquis, for example). It also depends on the proportion of each substance in the pill. But in general this is going to be very difficult, and you can never be sure. Remember the kits provide only a limited, front-line defense. They are very good at ruling out samples that contain no MDMA at all, but they usually cannot tell you if the sample has been cut. Many drugs do not react at all to the reagents.

    The only way to know for sure what is in your sample is to send it to ecstasydata.org.

  7. Friendly Weirdo

    So can these tests easily distinguish between MDMA and MDE? I can barely notice any difference in the Mandelin color swatches of those two on the guide sheet. I did the Mandelin a second time and noticed a very small puff of smoke. Does that indicate anything? On the Simon test, adding the second liquid turned the mixture to a very deep blue, not a light one like on the chart. Does that mean anything? Thanks DanceSafe!! You folks are really doing a service (and making it all sciencey is fun for me, too)!

  8. Post author

    Unfortunately, as yet we know of no reagent that can easily distinguish MDMA from MDE. Both will turn blue with Simon’s. The reason the color chart shows a lighter blue is because sometimes people use a teen-tiny speck of powder, and in such cases the blue doesn’t get very dark. However, blue is the operative color. If it turns blue at all, something in it contains a secondary amine.

    The puff of smoke is a common reaction of sulfuric acid (inside the marquis, mecke and mandelin) with hydrochloric salts, of which most of these compounds consist (as in “MDMA hydrochloride,” etc.) It sometimes happens and sometimes it doesn’t, but doesn’t mean much insofar as identifying the compound goes, as a great many compounds can make the puff. Same thing with bubbles if you see those.

    And remember these reagent tests only detect the presence of certain compounds (or no presence). They do not detect purity.

    And remember the reagents do

  9. Ciro

    Do you know if somebody from Brazil has already imported the testing kit and actually received?
    Almost all pills that we find here are fake. I think more than 90% so the kit will be extremely helpful.


  10. Post author

    We plan to start shipping to Brazil and all other countries soon. Stay tuned to the website.

  11. Post author

    Unfortunately, you are not allowed to carry testing kits on an airplane. They contain hazardous chemicals and passenger airlines prohibit them. You are not even allowed to check them into your luggage. I know it seems silly given that they are such small quantity, but that’s the rule.

  12. Post author

    Our kits are packed in full compliance with all shipping regulations. We ship them in safety containers with vermiculite. They are packed discreetly with “D S” as the return address.

  13. cire

    Why do you recommend the Mecke over the Marquis for extacy/molly? The way I am reading it, the Marquis may show more filler/fake/unwanted ingredients. Can you clarify why that test is preferred?

  14. Rod

    What color are the solutions in the SIMON test kit. I think I may have swapped caps accidentally.
    The yellow bottle has a darker colored stain on the bottom of the plastic but the liquid itself is lighter in color.
    Is that normal?
    Is there any way to test if they are mixed or damaged?
    They have been in my fridge since I ordered them about 3 months ago. Super cold albeit, can that damage them?

  15. Post author

    Hi Rod,

    It is normal for the liquid in Simon’s A (yellow bottle) to change color over time. Your description sounds normal. Nothing to worry about. It will still work. Marquis and Mecke also slowly darken over time. Heat will accelerate this process. If they get too hot or get exposed to the sun for too long, the liquid can get completely black, which can mask the color reaction when you use them. At that point you should probably toss them out and get new ones. In the fridge that shouldn’t happen, though. But Simon’s A will go through strange color changes over time no matter what, and that’s perfectly normal.

  16. Post author

    Good question Cire. The main reason was that Mecke reacts very distinctly to DXM, which used to be one of the main drugs in fake ecstasy tablets. However, today we do not see so much DXM anymore. This may make Marquis more useful. Truthfully, though, one should use all four kits. It is said that 4-5 new research chemicals come out *every single day*, and we have no idea how these things react to each of the reagents. For example, we recently tested a substance that look exactly like MDMA on every reagent except for Mandelin. Was it 5APB? Was it some new drug? We have no idea. Unfortunately, the user did not send any to the lab for confirmation.

  17. Ted

    Would freezing reagents extend their shelf life? Or is freezing not recommended?

    How do you test if a reagent is still useful?

  18. Post author

    We have researched this device and other spectrometers. Unfortunately, there isn’t a consumer model powerful enough to differentiate drugs (despite claims to the contrary). The cheapest models that work cost over $40,000.

  19. daniel

    Just ordered my first complete testing kit from ya and was wondering if I could test my samples on a Pyrex cooking tray or does it HAVE to be ceramic?

  20. Post author

    They should all last that long. Some will turn color as it reacts with the plastic, but they should all last that long, even if they get discolored.

  21. Brando

    When using all four kits, i experienced some bubbling after i applied the chemicals. Would that indicate anything specific? I know these kits aren’t certain and they tell more whats NOT in them rather than what is. All of them tested similar to an MDMA substance with a few differences. But the bubbles through me off.

  22. Jack

    I bought the kits in the glass bottles in 2007. Stored them in dark place at around 73°F. Are they still good.

  23. Post author

    Bubbles are seen regularly, more often in powder than pressed tables. The binder in pressed tablets often reduces the bubbling. It doesn’t indicate anything, since it can happen (or not) with virtually any drug.

  24. Henry

    Ok, it is forbidden, but do you think if it is inside my necessaire inside my bag, they will find it in the x-ray or something? Does this liquids appear in another color in the x ray?

    Thank you, i´m going from Brazil to Paris and Ibiza.

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