May 2nd #TestItTuesday Alert: MDMA Therapy and Black Markets

May 2nd #TestItTuesday Alert: MDMA Therapy and Black Markets

It’s #TestItTuesday! The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) has been moving quickly on making MDMA into an FDA-approved medication, and the amount of positive press they are getting is phenomenal.

When outlets as diverse as military blogs, Time magazine and now Fortune are covering this research, you know you’ve really made some waves.

But with the increased public understanding of the therapeutic potential of MDMA comes an increased risk of people trying to access these substances via the black market. While it’s become increasingly clear that pharmaceutically produced MDMA in a clinical setting has a relatively low risk, extrapolating from that to black market underground use is a dangerous proposition.

Although solid data is hard to come by because of the nature of prohibition, it’s fairly clear that in the United States 40% – 60% of what gets sold as ‘ecstasy’ isn’t MDMA at all, and can actually be anything from 25I-NBOMe (a powerful and potentially fatal psychedelic) to methamphetamine to brand new, never before seen psychoactive drugs manufactured overseas.

Remember, if you do choose to consume, always test it first! Need a kit? Snag one today!

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