#TestIt Alert: Yellow Counterfeit Xanax Bar Tests as 4-chloro-alpha-PVP and N-Ethylpentylone, both cathinones

#TestIt Alert: Yellow Counterfeit Xanax Bar Tests as 4-chloro-alpha-PVP and N-Ethylpentylone, both cathinones

By: DanceSafe Staff

6630_lgA yellow bar tablet with three score lines and “R | 0 | 3 | 9” appearing on one side was sold as Xanax but tested as 4-chloro-alpha-PVP (“4C-PVP”) and N-Ethylpentylone, both cathinones. The tablet was sourced and submitted to EcstasyData.org from Houston, TX.

4C-PVP is an emerging drug of the pyrrolidinophenone class and is similar in structure to alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone (α-PVP, of “flakka”). Little is known about the physiological and toxicological properties of 4C-PVP.

Effects of N-Ethylpentylone, a cathinone of the phenethylamine class that produces some of the same effects as MDMA, but is stronger and substantially riskier, include: raised pulse and blood pressure, high body temperature, convulsions, acidosis, rapid muscle breakdown, agitation, paranoia, compulsion to redose, difficulty sleeping for up to 36 hours, and temporary psychosis.

According to EcstasyData.org, there was no reaction for the Marquis, Mecke, and Mandelin reagents.

We urge our community to keep in mind that drug markets are expansive and these substances may appear in locations other than the submission’s origins. Always test before you ingest to avoid ingesting misrepresented substances. Purchase your DanceSafe drug checking kit here.

If you test a misrepresented substance, please submit it to testit@dancesafe.org to be featured in a #TestIt Alert.

The purpose of #TestIt Alerts is to alert the public to misrepresented substances in the unregulated, prohibition-driven drug markets. We neither condemn nor condone drug use, but rather want people to be aware of what they intend on ingesting so they can take steps to minimize risks associated with use of substances.

Since 1998, DanceSafe has been keeping the electronic music and nightlife communities safe. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we provide free harm reduction services at music festivals and nightlife events across the nation. All proceeds from the sales of our drug checking kits go back into the organization so we can continue to provide our services in our communities for free. By purchasing a kit, you are not only helping keep you and your friends safe, you are also contributing to the harm reduction movement. Thank you for your support!

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