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  1. daisy

    Hi there. Having been taking mdma for many years for its very therapeutic effects for mind heart & soul my husband & i are very aware the last few batches were different, close but not feeling as natural, unable to sleep soundly after consumption , & also sudden constipation which i never get . Is this due to banned oil? And is this impostor dangerous? . Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Is it still possible to get the real thing, which can uplift & expand your life in very positive ways as i am sure you know if used in the right way.Many thanks Daisy x

  2. Post author

    It could be that you are building up a tolerance, which is a near universal phenomenon with MDMA. The more you use it, the less you feel the therapeutic effects. It also could be an imposter. Methylone is very common these days, and many people report it feel “close” to MDMA, but not quite as much of an empathogen.

  3. Michael

    I have been taking (100mg) of mdma occasionally (once in every 2/3 months) for past 6 months.

    About a month ago, I went to a two day festival with a group of friends, where I decided to use the drug on both days (100mg on each day). The roll itself went as expected on both days. However, 5-6 hours after taking the drug on the second day, (once I completely came down) while watching TV with friends, I felt sudden raise in body temperature, dizziness, and raise in heart-rate. Although, I had no visible symptoms of fever I felt as if my body temperature would have felt around 39/40 degrees marker. That night, I had to sleep through hugging cold water bottle and stay with direct contact of conditioner because I couldn’t cool down. These extreme symptoms lasted next 2 days and slowly ceased over the week. The symptoms completely ceased after drinking anti-flu medications and tea on the 7/8th day after the roll.

    1) When I self-diagnosed myself on the internet that night my symptoms were quiet close to the symptoms of 1) hypothermia/heat stroke 2) anxiety/panic attack. Ignoring the panic attack, Is it possible to have heat stroke while staying hydrated in a well conditioned room 5-6 hours after taking a pill?

    2) I have caught small flu after almost every instance of taking the drug . My question is, if I were to caught fever while on drug (which is possible) is it possible for the drug’s effects to cover up the fever? I ask this because, if I did have a small fever (which is possible because I got soaking wet from the rain that day) why did it became apparent only after i came down ?

    3) Are the symptoms serious enough to visit a doctor mention about this?

    Thank you so much DanceSafe for existing; I always abide your advice while I roll and so do my friends.


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